Sunday, 26 June 2011

Israel images

I went to Israel for a week or so just after Easter.  I was (un)lucky enough that my Rain God status came into play again (Douglas Adams reference here) so as well as getting wet I got some lovely moody photos which you wouldn't necessarily associated with a Mediterranean country in late April.

Firstly, on a "Jesus boat" early one morning, the overcast sky and occasional shafts of sunshine made for some lovely effects:

Looking back to shore was a splash of green:

and a very moody mountain:

Shortly afterwards, of course, we got soaked and very cold because nobody had packed for this sort of weather:

There were compensations, as this sunset from a couple of days earlier in Tel Aviv shows:

And finally, some true Mediterranean weather, taken from the old port town of Jaffa (mostly Arab-population) looking back towards the modern city of Tel Aviv:

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